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Policy Mannual of BSF Primary School

Central Education Committee

The BSF School Jammu is governed by the Central Education Committee headed by the Director General, BSF as Chairman. Members of the organizing Committee of Central Education are:

1 Director General, BSF Chairman
2 Addl DG BSF Vice-Chairman (ex-office)
3 IG ( Adm .) ....do...
4 DIG ( Adm. ) Secretary
5 DIG (Trg.) Member
6 Director (Actts.) Member
7 DIG (Welfare) Member
8 DIG & Comdt STS Member
9 Comdt 25 Bn BSF Bn Chhawla Camp Member
10 Comdt C S MT Member
11 DC ( Edu. ) Member
12 C.A.O. (Finance) Member
13 Principals of the School Members
14 Chairman of Local Management Committee Members
15 Representatives of FTRs (50% from amongst those whose children are studying ion BSF Schools)

Note:- The Chairman Central Education Committee may nominate/invite any more member/members from BSF as may deem fit.

Working Days, Holidays and Vacations

BSF School Jammu will observe the same gazetted holidays (except Saturdays) as are being observed in Local State in the calendar year. the No other additional holiday will be permissible under any Local order, the staff may however avail restricted holiday in a calendar year. Vacations will be observed as below in the BSF School Jammu.

Summer Vacation: 17th May to 30th June ....... 45 Days
Winter Vacation:  21st December to 4th January ....... 15 Days

School Uniform : Boys And Girls

Summer :- 1 April To 31 October

1) Shorts /Skirts (Divided) Navy Blue :- Terrycott/ Drill (Trousers for class VIII & above boys)
2) Shirt White (Half sleeves) Terrycott/ Poplin
3) Leather Shoes - Black (Without any design)
4) Socks- Black
5) School Belt
6) Shorts/Skirt (Divided) - white Drill / Terrycott.
7) P.T. Shoes and socks - white
8) Pagree / Patka Navy Blue for Sikh boys only
9) Handkerchief - White
10) White uniform to be worn on Saturdays only.
11) Girls can also wear Navy Blue Kameez, white salwar and white dupatta.
12) Ribbon - white

Winter :- 1 November To 31 March

1) Trousers/Skirt - Steel Grey
2) Sweater - Navy Blue with light blue stripes in border, sleeves and V-shape neck.
3) Shirt white (Full Sleeves) Poplin/Terrtcott.
4) School Tie & Badges.
5) Socks/Stocking - Black (May be woollen)
6) Blazer Coat Navy Blue.
7) Girls can also wear grey shirt, white salwar and white dupatta.
8) Ribbon- white

Guidelines For Stitching:

1) Shirt Tie collar, white buttons, only one from pocket and without flap.
2) Trousers- loose-fit - side - pockets only.
3) Shorts/ Skirts - Knee length, side pockets only.
4) There should be a name tag on blazer and sweater/ jersy.


The BSF School Jammu is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education and will follow Kendriya Vidyalaya patten of education with the syllabus and books prescribed by CBSE and NCERT. Any addition/ alteration of subjects of studies in the school will be introduced as per directions of CBSE.

Leave Rules for Staff of BSF School Jammu

Leave will be admissible to employees as given below:

  • Casual Leave - The maximum amount of Casual Leave admissible to teaching as well as Adm staff during a calendar year is 08 days.
  • Earned Leave - The maximum amount of earned leave admissible during a calendar year to teaching staff is 10 days and adm staff is 30 days.
  • Maternity Leave - In the case of female employees of BSF School Jammu they shall be granted 90 days maternity leave, provided they have completed a maximum of one years service at the time of proceeding on Maternity Leave. Such Maternity Leave may be availed of on not more than two occasions during the entire period of service.
  • Paternity Leave - In case of male employees of the school they shall be granted 15 days paternity leave.
  • Medical Leave to Non Teaching Staff - 30 Days Medical Leave to non teaching staff during their entire service will be sanctioned by the Chairman of the school.

Leave Rules for Students

  1. Leave may be granted to the students at the recommendation of the form teacher by the Principal of the school.
  2. Half day leave may be granted to the students in urgent cases only. It should be duly signed by the parents/ guardian in the student's diary.
  3. During examination no student shall avail leave. In case of emergency it may be granted by the Principal of the school.
  4. In all cases sanction of leave shall be at the discretion of the Principal.
  5. If any student remains absent from the school without getting the leave sanctioned by the Principal or any prior information, his name may be struck off after ten days of continuous absence from the school.

Code of Conduct for Staff

  1. Every teacher, by precept and example, be a moral guide for the students of the school.
  2. They shall, by precept and example, inculcate in the minds of the students respect for rules and regulations of the school.
  3. No teacher shall be a member of any political party or carry on activities either openly or in camera in support of any such party.
  4. The teacher shall always be on the alert to see that his or her pupils also do not take active part in politics.
  5. No teacher shall be a member of the State or Central legislature. He/she shall resign his / her job before standing for election as a candidate.
  6. Every teacher shall cooperate with and secure cooperation of other persons in all activities which aim at the improvement of the moral, mental and physical well being of pupils.
  7. Every teacher must be strictly impartial in his relation with all his pupils. He /she should be sympathetic and helpful particularly to the slow learners.
  8. Every teacher must be a learner throughout his life not only to enrich his own life, but also of those who are placed in his care.
  9. Every teacher should be temperate and sober in his/her habits. He / she should scrupulously avoid smoking, chewing of betel leaves and such other undesirable habits in the presence of students and within the precincts of the school.
  10. Every teacher should have an exemplary moral character. His/her dealings with the members of other sex in the school or outside it, should not be such as would cause reflection on his/her character or bring discredit to the school.
  11. Every teacher should take pride in his calling and try to promote the dignity and solidarity of his/her profession.
  12. No teacher shall indulge in or encourage any form of malpractice connected with examinations or other school activities.
  13. Confidential matters relating to the institutions and BSF School organization shall not be divulged by any teacher.
  14. No teacher shall engage or associate himself /herself, partly or fully to any other remunerative activity.
  15. Every teacher should be punctual in attendance, in respect of class work as also for any other work connected with the duties assigned to him by the Principal. He/she should realize that he/she is a member of the team and should help in developing a corporate life in the school.
  16. Every teacher should be clean and trim, not casual and in formal, while on duty. His / her dress should be neat and dignified.
  17. Every teacher should abide by the rules and regulations of the school and show due respect to the constituted authority diligently carrying of instruction issued to him/her by the superior authority.
  18. Every teacher shall avoid monetary transactions with the pupils and parents and refrain from exploiting his school influence for personal ends. He/she shall generally conduct his/her personal matters in such manner that he/she does not incur a debt beyond his means to repay.
  19. No teacher shall engage himself/herself as a selling agent or canvasser for any publishing firm or dealer.
  20. No teacher shall apply for an assignment or job outside the school direct. He / she shall invariably submit his/her application through proper channel.
  21. No teacher shall represent his/her grievances, if any except through proper channel nor will be convass any non official or outside influence or support in respect of any matter pertaining to his/her service in the school.
  22. Every teacher shall consider school property and funds as if placed in trust with him/her and shall exercise the same prudence and care as he would do in respect of his/her own property or funds.
  23. It is the duty of every teacher :-
    a) to respect the National Flag and the National Anthem;
    b) to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities, to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women.
    c) to develop scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enquiry and reform.
    d) to safe guard public property and to abjure violence.
    e) To strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher level of endeavour and achievement.
  24. If a teacher is convicted by a court of law or arrested , it will be his/her duty to inform his/her immediate superior the fact of his /her conviction or arrest and the circumstances connected therewith as soon as it is possible for him/her to do so. Failure to do will be regarded as deliberate suppression of material information and will render him liable to disciplinary action.
  25. Every teacher shall at all times:-
    i) Maintain absolute integrity.
    ii) Maintain devotion to duty.
    iii) Do nothing which is unbecoming of an employee of the school.

Note:- Above code of conduct will be applicable to the non teaching staff of school also.

Code of Conduct for Students

  1. Be a regular scholar. Come to school in clean and tidy uniform and take pride in wearing school uniform.
  2. Let there be grace and sense of purpose in your work and movement.
  3. Extend your help in keeping the class-room and the school campus clean. Don't scatter bits of paper on the floor. Should you find any, remove them. Neither disfigure the walls nor damage the school furniture or any other property. Report any damage or losses immediately to class teacher or Principal. Any intentional damage will be made good by the person responsible.
  4. Do not loiter about outside the classrooms while the school is in progress.
  5. While moving from one class to another take care not to disturb other classes. Move in a line and always keep to the left.
  6. Take care of your things and do not lose them.
  7. Should you find anything belonging to school or any other student deposit it in the lost and found property section.
  8. Do not do anything that is derogatory for your self respect.
  9. Your work and conduct should be such as to bring a good name to the school that will open a bright future for you.
  10. Carry out the instructions of class monitor, house leader and school prefects.
  11. Be an active participants in every school activity.
  12. Enter home assignment in your school diary regularly and do the homework regularly.
  13. Follow up the corrections and suggestions made by the teachers.
  14. Do not lend or borrow money.
  15. Junior should be treated with utmost love and affection while juniors should show all respect to their seniors.
  16. Avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.
  17. Purchasing of food articles from unauthorized dealers near the school is strictly forbidden.
  18. Attendance is compulsory on the day of any school function.
  19. No student is allowed to come out of the class without teachers permission and without a class pass.
  20. It is not advisable to bring valuable things like expensive watches, pens, ornaments, electronic articles, money etc to the school. The school shall not be responsible for goods or money lost.

Parents Teachers Meeting

Parents Teacher meetings are held on every 2nd Saturday of the month.

The purpose of such meetings are:

i) To establish cordial relationship between teachers and parents /guardians.
ii) To provide information regularly to parents regarding the attainments and shortfalls of their wards.
iii) To involve parents in school improvement programme.

Note: Attending Parents Teacher Meet on the Day of declaration of result is compulsory.

The Examination Policy and System is available here for download

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