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Co-curricular Activities of BSF Primary School

House System : The House System occupies a prominent position in the field of co-curricular activities which are organized in a healthy competitive spirit. Each student (Class I onwards) is allotted a particular House at the time of admission and he/she continues his/her loyalty to that House during his/her stay in the school which helps the student to learn the great ideals of self discipline. democratic values, quality of leadership, loyality and belongirgness to the institution. This school is divided into four Houses namely Tagore, Raman, Gandhi and Nehru with their own flag.

To encourage leadership qualities among the students. House appointments are made, Each house has a boy and a girl as a House Captain. Depending upon the need, other appointments can be made. Points are awarded to the Houses throughout the year for extracurricular activities, games and sports. At the end of year a House gaining the highest number of points is awarded Running Trophy, Inter House Competitions are organized in games, sports, dramatics, debates, quiz, art and music.

House on Duty for Special Assemblies
S. No. Month House on Duty
1 April Gandhi
2 May Nehru
3 July Raman
4 August Tagore
5 September Gandhi
6 October Nehru
7 November Raman
8 December Tagore
9 Ist-20th Jan Gandhi
10 21st-10th Feb Nehru
11 11th-28 Feb Raman
12 1st-20th March Tagore

Each house is put on duty for a week in turn. The name of House on Duty is displaced. Besides other sporadic jobs, the House on Duty has to carry out the following duties :

1. Conducting the morning Assembly
2. Giving the news and the thought of the day in the Assembly
3. Contribution towards Wall Magazine
4. Checking up the corridor movement and class discipline

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