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Admission Procedure

BSF School caters primarily to the children of BSF personnel only. However, if vacancies are available a small number of meritorious non-BSF Children are also admitted.

Admission Procedure:

  1. Admission to BSF School is through (a) Admission Test / Interaction (b) On transfer from other BSF schools (c) from Schools recognized by Central Board of Secondary Education.
  2. Eligibility for admission or priority would not itself secure admission in the School or a class if the seats are not vacant or the child is not considered fit for the class.
  3. The student should have completed the age of 6 years on 31st March of the year for admission in class 1st.
  4. Those applying for admission are, as a rule, to appear for admission tests in the main subjects. They are tested as for terminal level of the class below the one for which they seek admission.
  5. All necessary documents such as progress report, transfer certificate from the previous school, original date of birth certificate and a passport size photograph are to be attached with the admission form. The transfer certificate is to be countersigned by the Z.E.O. BSF personnel are required to submit a certificate duly certified by the Commandant HQ that they are serving in BSF.
  6. A pupil who has attended a recognized school must submit a transfer certificate from the School. In the case of students from unrecognized private school or those who have not attended school, official Birth Certificate from such as a the Municipal Corporation or panchayat, in support of the Date of Birth must be submitted. Affidavits are not accepted as valid documents/as proof of DOB Certificate.
  7. Admission test will be conducted by the school on the dates to be notified by the Headmaster.
  8. All documents submitted at the time of admission, become the property of the school and cannot be returned.
  9. If any of the above information is found to contain misrepresentation of the facts, the Headmaster/Principal shall have the power to cancel the admission.
  10. Only two children of the Ex-BSF are eligible for getting education as day school at BSF tuition fee rates. The third child, if any, will be charged at non-BSF rates.
  11. In the event of any clerical error regarding date of birth in the report card or certificate issued, it must be brought to the notice of the office immediately for rectification.


  1. One calender month’s notice will have to be given for the withdrawal of the child from the school. However, full installment of fees will be charged.
  2. All dues to be cleared and books and other property and items to be returned before the child is withdrawn and transfer certificate obtained.
  3. The management reserve to itself the right to dismiss any students on discipline ground
  4. One clear calender month’s notice must be given if a child wants to withdraw the bus facility.
  5. Those who leave the school in May must in all the cases pay the fee for the month of June.
  6. Transfer Certificate are not issued until all dues of the School are settled.

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